Thursday, 15 June 2017

Vitrification certificate course in one day

With infertility disorders witnessing a growth like never before, the number of infertility treatment centres and IVF clinics have increased considerably. Unfortunately, it’s sad to say that many of these newly cropped up centres do not rise up to the quality standards.

It is not just the absence of infrastructure or advanced laboratory structures that contribute to the below par performance and success rate at these centres. Lack of skilled professional, efficient enough to carry out the different procedures involved in the techniques of infertility treatment, is a severe concern these days.

This is where the golden opportunity lies for you. If you are a doctor or a professional associated with treatment for infertility and IVF, the vitrification certificate course at the Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology might be it for you. The course enables you to enhance your skills to impart a better success rate for the procedures that you conduct.

Vitrification is a one of its kind novel technology that can be considered as one among the various procedures of cryopreservation. An ideal component in many procedures of ART (Artificial Reproduction Techniques), it involves the freezing of embryos in a ultra fast fashion, in place of the slow process that was followed earlier.

The process is usually used in IVF cases to preserve the extra embryos that are not used for implantation. Embryos that are preserved with this process have a higher rate of survival when compared with those preserved by the conventional process.

The vitrification course, one among the certificate course in embryology is completed within a duration of a single day. The scope of the topics covered in the course involves a detailed study on selection of embryos for the process, selection of the devices and solutions to conduct vitrification, the different methods of vitrification and an analysis on the warming of embryos. 


Asia Pacific Institute of Embryology  offers various certificate courses in Embryology in Mysore with the goal of promoting quality knowledge in infertility treatment in India.
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